Husband and Wife Team Steve and Jane Jordan have been opening their Artist Open House for over 10 Years and are now returning after taking a break.

Steve is Brighton born and has lived in the City all his life. He studied Art briefly in the 1970’s before dropping out of College after just a few weeks.

Continuing to paint throughout his lifetime, Steve worked as a Dustman for several Years before changing direction for a Science-based Career, specialising in Craft Paints and Ink formulations… Fluid Dynamist in Industrial Rheology ( Don’t ask me what that is ). Until recently, Steve’s Paintings were generally based on Brighton reflecting his fascination with 1960’s Blocks of Flats. He also enjoys creating large-scale figurative work.

Jane ” Lampost 13″ works with abandoned or neglected wooden Furniture rescued from Charity Shops, Car Boots and Auctions. On occasion, she might also be the Mad Women seen delving around in Skips.

With the emphasis on regeneration & originality, each item of rescued Furniture has been hand painted with unique and original designs to give it a new lease of life.

Colourful, individual & unique. No two pieces are the same. My greatest pleasure is to see a previously neglected piece be given the chance of new beginnings & once more find a place in someone’s home.


01273 565373

47 Southdown Avenue Brighton BN1 6EH


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