Since early childhood I have always loved using paint; feeling it slide across a surface, seeing primaries magically transform into purple, green and orange. Making random expressive marks and then with more control, defining edges, creating planes to realise three-dimensional forms.

My artwork is representational often directly observed, sometimes aided with the use of photographic reference. I will however only work on subjects that I have direct experience of.

I sometimes work from nature. I have made observations of my garden and sometimes of further afield. Here I like to capture the sense of being outside, recording the effects of light on foliage and the abundance of different plant forms. It is always a challenge to capture the array of greens and different textural foliage through brushstrokes of coloured paint.

This year I am returning to still life which I have worked from often. Still life lends itself easily to working from direct observation. I find the process of analysis and transformation into paint marks a meditative and cathartic process. The difficulty for me is to make it look effortless and knowing at what point to stop.

My choice of objects are those that are everyday and have a simplicity of form and subtly of colour.

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