Jane Palmer held her first open house in May 2019 with a group of guest artists, welcomed nearly 2000 visitors and was awarded Artist of the Year for the Brighton AOH festival.  A number of portrait commissions followed.

Jane has worked in higher education, in art libraries, and as a research consultant. She now devotes her time to her art practice, with an emphasis on expressive figurative work, especially portraits but also life drawing, still life and Sussex landscapes.  Jane prefers to work with live models, not photos. 

Jane has degrees from Kent and Sussex in English and Art History, including a PhD on illness and medical representation. One of the longest PhD theses ever accepted at Sussex University, it was a labour of love which still informs her creative vision. Jane says ‘My aim in painting a portrait is to convey a sense of individuality, presence and inner life and to capture a moment in time and space before it slips away.  I believe a likeness can appear in a gesture or a gaze as much as in fixed physical features; this can be elusive but highly rewarding when it happens.’

Jane has researched and presented a video biography of Eastbourne artist Margaret Benecke, a granddaughter of the composer Felix Mendelssohn, and has worked on other video productions with her partner Steve Engelhard.

Formative influences include Rembrandt, Gwen John, Vanessa Bell, Euan Uglow and Lucian Freud. Jane admires the work of contemporary artists including Andrew James, Tim Benson, Adele Wagstaff, Daniel Shadbolt, James Bland, Jenny Saville and Sarah Spackman.

Visit Jane’s website at http://janepalmerbrighton.co.uk/