I find it difficult to put a label on my creative practice, sometimes I am a Photographer, sometimes a Maker and more recently I’ve been called an Illustrator. Following a degree in Fine Art and a Masters I taught in Higher Education for some years. Now my creative practice is part of a portfolio career and I’m unconcerned about labels or boundaries.

My work as Mr Craven: Raconteur is informed by vintage photo albums, mid-century design and architecture. Other references include kids books particularly from the 1950’s and construction cards from the 1930’s. I sometimes work in collaboration with TheBigForest who has a separate listing on the Fiveways Artists site.

Most of my current work is about telling stories and includes British Men and Brighton Men paper dolls, three dimensional artists boxes, construction greetings cards, toy theatres, artists books and maps. My work sells internationally and I have a particularly strong following in Germany and the US.

My illustration work has featured in magazines in the UK and Quebec and as book covers.


Twitter: @mrcravenracont