I’m a storyteller with pictures and words. There‚Äôs an element of magic narrative in my lino prints which are sometimes inspired by my childhood books. Some themes are traditional with a unique twist but mostly I hope that the images will spark imagination and memories as well as creating individual ideas from the viewer. My work is popular with storytellers and those who like stories!

Each print varies and is unique being individually printed by hand on an old Columbian press from two blocks. The idea for the print is first jotted down in the form of a small rough sketch taking a few minutes and then developed into a finished drawing. Next, a tracing and the image is transferred to the block after which follows hours of careful cutting the block to achieve the texture and patterns I want. Finally mixing coloured inks and printing. A time-consuming process and fascinating.

Colour is very important to me. I’m inspired by the wonderful Japanese printers such as Hokusai with their vibrant colours and lively images.

My prints travel to countries as far away. Australia, America and India as well as Europe.