Information for Artists

Membership is open to artists who live within the boundaries of Fiveways, and for those who are willing and able to hold an “Open House”, and who support the aims and objectives of the Group. It shall also be open to public institutions that show art within the area, such as bodies such as galleries, pubs, cafes, shops, schools or other institutions open to the public that exhibit art, as part of the annual Open House exhibitions in May.

At the discretion of the group, it is also open to artists who don’t themselves have an open house but show as guest artists in a Fiveways open house or other Fiveways venue.

Members not opening may retain their membership subject to their paying a reduced fee. Previous members of the group may retain associate membership on payment of the reduced fee.

The current fees for membership are:

    • £50 – full membership
    • £30 – associate or non-opening membership; £45 joint associate/non-opening membership
    • £75 – Joint membership with two members in one house
  • £75   Venues other than houses

Benefits of Joining

FWAG is a participation group and members are encouraged to take part in group activities, fund-raising, helping with the magazine and parties/social functions.

Membership form